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At Det Lille Danske Køkken (The Little Danish Kitchen) you can buy high quality typical Danish and Scandinavian products. You can use our Web-Shop or order products by sending an email, with the products you want or phoning this number 917 591 085. The order will be delivered to your address as soon as possible, so please remember to put a suitable time for the delivery, and your address in the mail. Payment has to be done on delivery with no exception. You can read more about delivery conditions here.




Gastronomic Catering Service




We also offer a catering service and our specialty is small intimates dinners in the modern French-/European style, even for only 2 persons, but we can also handle up to 150 persons, see the menu here, or lets have a meeting and discuss your special party wishes. The chef is trained in Denmark, has worked in several restaurants in Denmark and nearly one year in Paris.

As references we can mention that among our satisfied clients there are, members of the Danish Royal House, representatives of several Embassies and presidents of multinational companies in Madrid.

Remember, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, if you have any questions or special needs, according to our Catering Service, Danish or Scandinavian food and we will try to please you. 









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